The MEDICI Framework (Multimedia for EDucation and employment through Integrated Cultural Initiatives) is a framework of co-operation established in 1995 adopted and supported by the European Commission (1997).The goal of MEDICI is to promote the use of advanced technologies for access to, understanding, preservation and economic promotion of culture. Main action lines are: information sharing, research projects, education & training.

The use of advanced technologies allows the achievement of goals of important cultural value, which are impossible with traditional tools. This will lead us to a fuller understanding of our culture. And of course any form of economic exploitation must take fully into account the primordial need for preservation of the cultural heritage, for future generations.

Starting from 2003 the focus of MEDICI was extended to the use of different digital and other emerging technologies supporting social and economic development.


MEDICI Framework of cooperation is a not for profit, apolitical and non religion oriented organization. The mission of the organization is:

a.     Promote knowledge sharing and dissemination in general supporting social and economic development and more specifically in the field of culture and arts;

b.     Contribute to the preservation, study, promotion and exploitation of the natural, cultural, historical and artistic heritage. Including non moveable, moveable, tangible and intangible. The organization extends the same interests to recent and future heritage as well.

c.     To favour and support creativity with specific reference to young generations;

d.     To contribute to the development, diffusion and proper use of innovative technologies in order to let them have a positive social impact;

In order to achieve these goals the organization will:

1.     Activate a knowledge and best practice sharing mechanism at international level:

2.     Promote, and actively contribute to research, studies and projects related to the mission of the Association;

3.     Design and activate projects aimed to: educate, train and disseminate knowledge and know how even through publishing activities.

4.     Design and organise events, conferences, exhibits, workshops and seminars on the main activities and aims of the Association;

5.     Organise evaluation processes and awards, grants and contribution addressing students, researches, professors, academy, university, cultural and artistic world’ active members and operators;

6.     Favour international cooperation in the field of culture, distance education and training, creation of digital content and services, support innovation process in SMEs.

7.     In order to fulfil the mission the Association may take advantage from the help and cooperation coming from other Associations, Foundations, single persons and public or private bodies, both national and international having similar or similar missions or anyway sharing the scope of the Association.  Such cooperation may, in addition, promote friendship, cooperation, twining and mutual acknowledgement and comprehension among individuals, people and cultures.

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